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I'm Danielle Cyrenne! Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant & Clinical Social Worker.

I'm so happy to have you here! As parents we have so much on the go- physically & mentally! I understand how difficult it can be to be fully present in our lives and with our kiddos when we have had no sleep. Whether you are prepping for baby, new to this mom thing, or trucking through the first years of life, let's support a healthy sleep for your family so that you can enjoy these years that pass by SO FAST!


Family Bond

My service has your RELATIONSHIP at the forefront. Let's talk a bit about this...

A secure relationship & attachment comes from:

  • Responsive care

  • Emotional Availability

  • Physical Affection

  • Creating a safe Environment

  • Routine & Predictability

  • Play & Engagement

  • Empathy & Understanding

  • Adapting to Changing Needs

  • Encouraging Independence

  • Consistent Caregiving

Trained in both baby-led and parent-led approaches, let's explore the relationship-focused approaches that will work best for you and your family. In working together, we will work together to learn your baby's sleep cues, natural rhythms, build an understanding of their developmental stage and specific needs while also reflecting on your goals, concerns, lifestyle and preferences. All techniques are tailored to the unique needs of your family, but I promise that all approaches are warm, responsive, consistent, and meeting the needs of your child. 

Let's chat about how we can do all of this.


Caring for Baby, Toddler, Child & Family

Happy Baby


Trained in Both Baby-Led & Parent Led Support

Sleep is an ESSENTIAL part of development, healthy mind, healthy body. Let's work together to establish a plan to support your family with getting some sleep WHILE sticking to your values, goals, and philosophies as a parent. Connect today for a consultation so that we can explore your goals for service together and get you some much needed sleep for your baby or toddler!


Are you expecting or in the thick of the first year? Have a toddler that won't sleep? Perhaps you aren't ready to take part in a full plan, although would rather gather your own information to inform how you can support your bub with sleep. Join a seminar to learn the basics- baby sleep schedules, naps, wake windows, things

Sleep Seminars
Danielle Cyrenne


Looking to support your child's social, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs? Could you use support with how to support your child or teen? Or perhaps you are looking for support so that you can be the healthiest version of YOU to be the present, intentional parent you are striving to be. Let's chat!


Perhaps you aren't quite at the point that you need one-on-one support; however, you're over the googling and want something on hand that you can access at any time! Check out the Rock-A-BYE Bad Sleep course, available now! New items will be added frequently, so be sure to subscribe!

Sleeping Baby


With my clinical background, in addition to being a parent myself, I promise to support you with exploring the best-fit approach to support your family. Read a bit about me to gain an understanding of my background and see if my approach would be a good fit for you!

Family First

To keep your relationship at the forefront.

Work Together

To provide a timely and professional service.

Sleepy Baby

To provide you with research driven support.

Family Connection

To support your family with meeting your goals.

Toddler Sleep


Adequate sleep is crucial for the overall health and development of babies and toddlers. Here are some key reasons why a healthy amount of sleep is important for your kiddo and your family:

  1. Physical Growth: Growth hormone is primarily released during deep sleep. For infants and toddlers, who are experiencing rapid physical development, getting enough sleep is essential for proper growth.

  2. Brain Development: Sleep is crucial for brain development, including the formation of neural connections and the consolidation of new information. This is particularly important during the early years when the brain is highly plastic and adaptable.

  3. Cognitive Function: A well-rested child is more likely to be alert, focused, and able to learn and retain new information. Lack of sleep may lead to difficulties in concentration, problem-solving, and memory.

  4. Emotional Regulation: Sleep plays a significant role in emotional regulation. Insufficient sleep can contribute to mood swings, irritability, and an increased likelihood of emotional outbursts in toddlers.

  5. Immune System Support: Babies and toddlers are still developing their immune systems, and adequate sleep can contribute to their overall health and resistance to illness.

  6. Behavioral Regulation: Sleep has a direct impact on behavior and temperament. Children who are well-rested are generally more cooperative and less prone to behavioral issues.

  7. Establishing Healthy Sleep Patterns: The early years are a critical time for establishing lifelong sleep patterns. Teaching babies and toddlers healthy sleep habits sets the foundation for a lifetime of good sleep hygiene.

  8. Physical and Mental Restoration: Sleep allows the body and mind to recover from daily activities and stressors. It helps regulate hormones, repair tissues, and refresh the mind for the next day.

  9. Prevention of Sleep Disorders: Establishing healthy sleep patterns early on can help prevent the development of sleep disorders later in life. Consistent sleep routines contribute to better overall sleep quality.

  10. Support for Parents: A well-rested child is likely to sleep more predictably and for longer durations, providing parents with the opportunity to rest and recharge as well. This can contribute to a more positive and nurturing parenting experience.

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