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Sleep coaching is the process of supporting the family to identify their unique sleep goals, build an understanding of their child's sleep (how they associate with sleep, typical sleep 'needs', understanding of some of the contributing factors that may be jiving with their sleep goals) while supporting them with strategies to help babies and young children develop sleep habits that reflect/meet their unique goals! Together, we also explore schedules, supporting regressions, sleep environment, middle of the night wakings, early morning wakings, short naps and SO much more. While working together I will support you in understanding the WHY behind the strategies that will support your baby with associating new things with sleep. With the support of Tired Mama Consulting, we will approach sleep coaching with sensitivity and responsiveness to your child’s specific needs, as well as according to your philosophy and values as a parent!


When working together, I want to make sure that we have an understanding of what ‘secure, safe’ attachment is and how we achieve this so that you can feel confident with the technique and plan we put in place! As a social worker, it is important to me that we consider these things to ensure that your little one is getting all of their needs met, while also getting the sleep that they need! With sleep coaching, there are a lot of misconceptions about how this effects your kiddo’s well-being. Let’s dispel any beliefs and enhance our understanding here and now!

Secure attachment is a positive, emotional bond that develops between a child and their caregiver. It is a foundational concept in developmental psychology and attachment theory, first introduced by John Bowlby. Secure attachment is characterized by several key features:

1) Trust and safety: A securely attached child feels a sense of safety and security when in the presence of their caregiver. They trust that their needs will be met consistently.

2) Exploration and independence: A securely attached child is more likely to explore their environment confidently because they have a secure base in their caregiver. This attachment provides a foundation for the child to venture out and learn about the world while having a safe retreat.

3) Emotional regulation: Securely attached children often develop effective emotional regulation. They feel comfortable expressing their emotions knowing that their caregiver will respond appropriately and help them manage their feelings.

4) Responsive caregiving: Secure attachment is fostered by caregivers who are consistently responsive to the child’s needs, providing comfort, reassurance, and attention. Responsive caregiving builds a sense of trust and reliability.

5) Communication and Interaction: Securely attached children tend to develop effective communication skills and positive social interactions. They learn to interpret and respond to social cues, forming the basis for healthy relationships.

6) Resilience: Securely attached children are often more resilient in the face of stress or challenging situations. The secure base provided by their caregiver helps them navigate difficulties and build confidence. This supports your kiddo in having healthy relationships throughout their life, manage emotions, and interact with others.

Secure attachment can be influenced by various factors, including the caregiver’s responsiveness, the child’s temperament, and the overall caregiving environment. With this being said, I want to emphasize that it's essential to consider the overall pattern of caregiving and responsiveness rather than a small period of sleep coaching that may require a parent to go in to provide support & reassurance according to the techniques specified response. When we are tired and sleep deprived, I know that I am not operating at my best as a parent, wife, friend, worker and so on! It will be important to see the balanced picture of the goals that we are trying to meet and what will get the healthiest, most optimal outcome for everyone. Also! Every technique is different and will be catered to YOUR parenting style and your child’s needs. There are many things to consider when looking at what might be preventing your pumpkin from getting a good sleep! I’d love to chat more about it. Schedule a consultation, send an email, or give me a call!


Hearing our baby cry is DIFFICULT! I get it. I’ve done sleep coaching with my own children myself and I understand how difficult it is to hear our baby upset. We are biologically in tune with our child
Know this- All sleep coaching with Tired Mama Consulting will be approached with sensitivity and responsiveness. All information will be gathered and a thorough discussion will be had to consider what will work best for you and your family. My number one objective is to ensure that your family’s relationship is considered first and foremost. Crying is a baby’s way of objecting to change. Sleep coaching involves techniques that support your baby with slowly building skills to self-soothe while providing the support and reassurance that they need. Sleep coaching is also about supporting the caregiver in identifying some ‘mistake habits’ that have been created over time that baby/toddler may rely on to get to sleep. Together, let’s explore some strategies that we can put in place to get you and your family the sleep that you ALL need for your physical and emotional wellbeing.


The goal of Tired Mama Consulting is to work with parents and parents-to-be to support healthy sleep habits AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It is never too early to learn how to set up a healthy sleep foundation for our baby. Although, to put sleep TECHNIQUES in play that support baby/toddler with gaining skills to independently fall asleep does not happen until your baby is at least 4 months of age. It is recommended that you consult with your paediatrician/doctor to ensure that it is okay to start sleep coaching with your baby prior to initiating the process. If you are looking for more information on ‘wake windows’ or general knowledge to support your baby’s healthy sleep foundation, although your baby is under four months old, check out my ‘sleep package’ page to see different services that can meet your family’s needs!


Having a baby? In the midst of the first year and struggling to get that much needed sleep? Or do you have a toddler and are you having difficulty understanding how and why your kiddo does NOT want to go to bed? Check out the seminars that are being offered in the near future to see if it is fitting for you. We will talk about:

-Setting up a healthy sleep foundation

-What to expect in the first year

-Habits/Sleep associations to avoid

-Wake windows


-Early Morning Wakings

-Middle of the night wakings


-A bit about sleep training- one technique included

-Safe Sleep

-Maternal/Caregiver Mental Health

-Supporting the Sibling

-Community Resources

-Recommended Baby Items

and MUCH more...

Seminars are a GREAT baby shower gift to support your friend with feeling confident in that first year (especially if you’re already a parent and you KNOW what is coming for them!) This is a great opportunity for first time parents, second time parents, (and so on....) to know what to expect, be prepared, and not have to search the internet at 3:00AM for answers to your baby’s sleep difficulties.

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