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I am a MOM! I get it. Sleep training can sound intimidating. Whether it be the judgy mom groups, your parents, or from your own self-talk and uncertainty, I want to clear the air for you so that you can move forward to support your family to achieve a healthy sleep with confidence. Let's chat about my values and methods.

As a social worker, I want to ensure that your relationship is at the forefront. During our work together, I will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the following:

  • Healthy Sleep Foundations

  • Developmentally Appropriate Sleep Needs & Expectations

  • Attachment Theory/Secure Attachment

  • Parent-Child Relationship

  • Baby Crying

  • Promoting Connection

  • A Plan for Future Sleep

Every sleep plan is custom made, and individually curated to meet your family's needs and questions. As a Clinical Social Worker & Certified Sleep Consultant, it is my job to support your family with meeting the needs of the relationships amongst all members of the family while also ensuring that you are achieving the sleep that your body needs. I offer a unique set of skills and perspective to my practice:

  1. Holistic Approach: Tired Mama services will take a holistic approach to individual and family well-being. I will consider not only your child's sleep patterns but also broader aspects of family dynamics, relationships, and overall emotional well-being.

  2. Understanding Family Dynamics: I am trained to understand and navigate complex family dynamics. This skill set can be valuable when addressing sleep issues, as family relationships and dynamics can impact a child's sleep patterns and Vice Versa.

  3. Emphasis on Emotional Well-Being: My work prioritizes emotional well-being and mental health. The emotional needs of both the child and the parents are considered when developing a sleep plan.

  4. Communication Skills: I take pride in being a skilled communicator. This can be beneficial when working with parents to develop and implement a sleep plan, as effective communication & understanding is essential for success.

  5. Cultural Competence: It is important to me to build an understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds while respecting each cultures’ beautiful uniqueness. This skill can be important when working with families from different cultural contexts and adapting sleep solutions accordingly.

  6. Parental Support: Sleep training often involves changes to established routines, and it can be emotionally challenging for parents. I am able to provide additional support and coping strategies for parents during the process.

  7. Collaboration with Other Professionals: In my work, I often collaborate with a variety of professionals to address the needs of individuals and families. My experiences has allowed me to be well-connected to other professionals- such as mental health specialists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists-to provide comprehensive support.

  8. Commitment to Ongoing Education: I am committed to continue building my skills and knowledge to provide the greatest, most informed support possible.

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Non-Judgemental. Warm. Approachable. Supportive


Research-Based Support & Evidence


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10+ Years of Working Directly With Children & Families

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